Thursday, January 08, 2009


So, as our area is experiencing warmer weather after 17+ inches of snow, we get to deal with the snow melting and with that comes FLOODING! Yeah, you heard me, flooding....our area is completely underwater, except the down town which is where our house is located. Thank God that we have been at our friends' house for the last few days so we have not been stranded. There is practically NO way to get to or from our house, because the surrounding area is flooded, near the freeway, there is Denny's and another Turkey house, the water level there is up to the windows. Yeah, I am scared that when we finally get to go home, we will see our house with water damage. Please pray for our family that the flooding will not reach our house. I just thank God that we decided to be at our friends house over the last few days. Everyone is here, including our dog. So, we are all safe. I pray that we can get home by the weekend. I really don't like the idea of coming home to a big mess to clean up. Pray that we will have perseverance and patience through this.

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Jesica said...

I totally didn't know you lived off that exit. SUCK!!

I'm praying for you.